jordanne (hyjinx) wrote in the_pretentious,


Why do stupid people exist? To spite us? I've been so disgusted since I read voidseeker's journal entries concerning a girl who hacked into various online accounts and websites and faked different identities to hurt people whom she didn't like. I almost laughed because it was so ridiculous but then I realized that these people actually live in our world and continue to breathe our air. There needs to be a law prohibiting that.

I'm just in disbelief that stupid people like that haven't keeled over by now. You figure they must've done dumber things before doing the things they do now. You know, like the late teens who tried imitating stunts from the show, "Jackass," and died? I'm just surprised they didn't die earlier. No, I don't have sympathy at all. Lethal stupidity doesn't call for any. What a waste of resources and space.

It's times like these when I really appreciate the gated community in which I live, where my friends and acquaintances are all intelligent, beautiful, affluent, and going places. I used to wonder what life was like in a trailor park and now I'm not so curious. There's a reason why some people dont intermingle - one is better than the other.
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